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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Bailey!!

I know we are seriously late in updating the blog but we had to share the big #11!!

bailey had this fantastic idea to have her & 3 of her friends go to the Haunted Woods cornfield for her birthday party...long story short, it didn't happen! Oh, we drove the 15 miles out to the haunted woods and we got in line to buy tickets.... but when the haunted woods characters came out of their staging area to head to their post in the woods... 4 girls went SCREAMING and running out to the parking lot, one of the girls tried to get in the wrong car, one tried to climb under the car...they all finally piled into the right car & quickly locked the door. I think the people parked next to us never laughed as hard!!!
After that we drove 20 miles in the opposite direction to go out to the Un-haunted corn maze where the girls ended up having the best time!!

The Maze was a good opportunity for me to buy my cornstalks for the season, which also made a splendid backdrop for bailey to show off her cute Roxy jacket from Grandma & Grandpa Kearns!!