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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Charger Chic's try it again...

1st lap of the tri-meet between Eagle Middle, Meridian Middle, and Lowell Scott. We went from 90 degrees at last week's meet to 52 degrees at today's meet. High wind, and chilly! This was the first meet that she wasn't all smiles.

Here is the finish line. Bailey came in at 12:07 and 36th place out of (i'm guessing) 80-90 girls. I don't know who won, both Eagle and Lowell Scott were undefeated so this was a big one!

Next week is the big finale at Districts! Good Luck Charger Chics!

(sorry for the shakey video...:)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Chocolate Cake

Bailey announced the other day that she would officially be a pre-teen. We appreciated the breaking news because apparently, both Jason and I were totally unaware...?

Saturday night we had a little family birthday party that of course involved a little Costco chocolate cake (you just can't replicate it...yes Kim, that is a challenge!) and homemade ice cream.

birthday wishes...

B and her cousins painted up some pumpkins..

Happy Birthday Bailey Bug!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

2nd annual women's fitness challenge

It was the 17th annual women's fitness challenge this saturday and for bailey and I, it was the 2nd annual. 12,000 women show up for the event and the streets are lined with supporters (we were sooo happy to have our own little cheering section, thanks hubs!), music playing, and at the finish line there are men in tuxedo's high fiving you across the finish line.

Last time we ran this i think we made it about 6 blocks and bailey was wanting to walk, climbing the big hill up to the train depot was a painful process, and convincing her that the end of the 3 miles was just around the corner - was tough!!

THIS YEAR... I officially have a running buddy and I love it!! Bailey has really become a strong runner and has decided that after she joins her dad and I for the Barber to Boise 5k, her and I are going to tackle a 10k together. I can't wait!!

We realized that since monday bailey had ran 9 miles between xc practice, a meet, and our race. Today we headed to the foothills and ran a couple more to make 11 miles for her this week. Great job bailey bug!!

It was so nice to have a driver this year...and a photographer!

12,000 particpants, spectators galore... we were afraid we wouldn't find Jason but he was front in line cheering us on!

I am pretty sure we're blurry because this is where lil miss runner decided we should sprint it in. Little did she know we were still a ways away from the actual finish - but she kept up the sprint!

We're done!! I really was so proud of her for running the entire way and not even mentioning that she would like to stop!!

See you Oct 17th for Barber to Boise, a family event!

Cross Country Surprise...

Birthday weekends are always better when started with a fun surprise. bailey was excited to see her that her dad came in early to catch a xc meet. Little does she know, it has been sooo hard the past 3 weeks to not tell her he was coming!! Surprise...

The Charger girls are ready to go....

A good start, she's a little hard to find but she's in there...

I'm not sure who was more excited, the runner or the dad! I think he caught the race from every possible angle!

It was hot, hottest day of the week, AGAIN!...but still smiling!

A good finish - 31 out of 78 girls. The course was longer and I didn't hear the time - but she did great and ran hard.

A little help cooling off from her dad!

and a little help socializing from her doodle...

AND, notice the new full tooth grin. I can't believe how straight her teeth have gotten already.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

sounds like a musical masterpiece!

It is a good thing I didn't take pictures of her first night back at dance because I believe 3 is the maximum number of blog posts you can do in one night of your kiddo... So, my last blog will leave you with a little taste of 30-minutes of our nightly routine! Thankfully, she's pretty good considering she's been playing about 2 weeks now (with only 3 nights of official practice)!!

Oh, i didn't mess with it to see if i could turn the clip around, you'll just have to tilt your head and crank up the volume! Enjoy!!

xc #3

Couldn't wait for the final results to get the recent race pictures posted...I'm feeling pretty confident that they won again, but regardless....our little Charger Chic, ROCKED today!!! She came in nearly a minute faster than last week and she's been out sick 2 days this week?!?!?
Her goal was to make the mile and 1/2 under 13....

A little pre-run cheer!

I'm hoping she doesn't run much of the race with her eyes closed!!

Thankfully i sorta had the camera ready, she surprised me coming in a minute sooner! 12:30!!

Ah, dang... i just missed the phlemy spit session!
Good job beating your goal this week bailey bug, keep it up!!!

bikin' in the burn

We hit some fun little biking trails in the Eagle foothills last weekend only to find there had recently been a fire along a good chunk of the trails. Makes for an interesting background....
All in all, a fun ride with only one minor off-roading accident where bailey had a little scuffle with some sagebrush. She was quite happy she made it off the trails without any serious "warrior bites" as we've come to name the big war wounds she's suffered a time or two! I didn't tell her till we were at the bottom of a hill that the last time she refused to ride down, she's gettin' good!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Doodle Play Date's

gracie doodle and her bestie lucy enjoyed a little game of tug-o-war tonight. Thankfully we were outside when the lobster was finally sacrificed and the destuffing party started!! Not nearly as fun as a case of Costo t.p., but good times nonetheless!

lazy dogs need a break!

Charger Chic's 2-0

The first meet at home and the Charger chic's pull through another win (so did the boys)! We don't have official times, but I think bailey improved her time from the first meet, Great Job bailey girl!

No time for a peace out this week, but still all smiles!

Pulling hard for a strong finish...
Another happy run!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Gourd Art

Jason (aka Picasso) and I took advantage of the long weekend and added a splash of color to our living room... we started out Sunday only to realize our pale yellow/tan color was really a cross between lemon custard and buttercream frosting, both tasty, but not a good match to the "gourd" color on our other 2 walls. One "test" gallon of paint down and another trip to Lowe's, and our living room is a masterpiece! (at least we think so anyway!!)

Some of the pictures are a little hard to see, so hopefully you get the idea (you guys could come visit and see it in person ya know!)

You can't see the wall color all that great, but that HD comes in crystal clear!!!

And if you look really close, you can see my new bag which Jason was also delighted about!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

GO Chargers!!!!

It was hot today but bailey brought her game helping the Lowell Scott Charger chics win by 1 in their first xcountry meet!!! 6th, 7th, and 8th grade girls ran the first wave and bailey finished in 13.20, Good Job Bailey!

Next week is supposed to be cooler which will be nice... i was melting just taking pictures!

No matter how fast you run... there's always time to pose!
Did I mention how hot it was?!?! A little grandma cool down!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Middle School?!?!??!?!

Summer came and went and before we knew it, it was the first day of school! Sadly, it feels like i just posted last year's first day of school pictures and with my posting history, i may have! :) I pledge to be a better blogger and provide more updates...stay tuned!

6th grade... so new, so cool! We did have to have the conversation that there is no puking on the first day, her nerves were sky high and i thought she may hyperventilate trying to calm herself...but she pulled it together and informed me that the days of walking her in to school...were over! So sad, but she was excited!! I asked what she was most looking forward to and she was quick to say she couldn't wait to not have to line up at the door and quietly walk single file through the halls. The first day proved to be a success when the halls were complete chaos and kids were yelling at one another in excitement!

Bailey signed up for her first year playing the clarinet. On behalf of the rest of the members of our house, please pray that she's a natural and no eardrums will be injured!!

Just teasin' bailey bug... Good luck in 6th grade and have fun!!!

I think she looks like a natural, right?

This is bailey freestyling the first day of school poses. Apparently the traditional backpack pose wasn't enough! We're hoping this year she breaks through that shy exterior....

Gracie didn't actually go to school, but she's such a good lil poser!