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Sunday, April 12, 2009

73rd Masters Highlights

Today was the finally of the 73rd Masters Tournament & not just any Master's tourny but the grand daddy of all with a supercharged duel between Tigger Tigger Woods Ya'll and Philly Phil Mickelson. An amazingly, GLORIOUS day in Augusta, GA!

Equally as glorious was the weather in Boise and the match up of the Harp & Kearn's family Easter celebration, and in recognition of the Masters we went to the Hillcrest Country Club. That's like being at the Masters, right??!! It was on the way to brunch that I learned a statistic I was previously very unaware of; nearly 78% of all husbands were angry at their wives today for planning brunch during the Superbowl-like golf event?????? Thankfully, my husband didn't fall in to that 78% and he was delighted to brunch on shrimp cocktails, fruit, cinnamon roles, hashbrowns, bacon, eggs, prime rib,..... and of course caramel cheesecake...mmmmmm!!

.....the proshop only had to kick him out and send him back to our table twice!!

All teasing aside, we had a great day and it was really nice to celebrate together!

Little Grandma June, she's sooo cute!

Grandma Juney and her 2 Great-Granddaughters!

Mom and Dad, thanks for organizing everything!

Happy Easter!

After all the fuss - Tigger didn't even pull it through! Congratulations to Angel Cabrera and his sudden death win over Kenny Perry and Chad Campbell! (see hubs, you didn't even miss anything with all my updates)!

We The People

After much practice and nervous anticipation, bailey was ready for her presentation and did fantastic! We just got her final grade and she received an "advanced" grade on presentation delivery and I couldn't agree more! She did awesome and her class is going on to participate in another district presentation on the 18th. Good Luck Bailey!!!
It is a little tough to hear but take a look at her in action - i think it was honestly the best school event i've seen!!