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Saturday, January 16, 2010

AAU Patriots

B's first big jamboree was today and the Patriots were looking super. The first game was spectacular! B has some amazing defense skills! There was one point we thought she may have forgotten she was playing basketball when she nearly opted to run over the girl she was guarding...oops!

The second game gave them some opportunities for improvement - but they still looked good and through all the tears, had some fun too. There were quite a few girls down which provided several "suck it up" moments (none from bailey, mind you), but they pulled through.

Thank goodness there were 2 games so i could actually catch some shots since i am usually 10 seconds too late :)

We've been practicing sprints lately and it showed on the court today!

It is fun to think back to the first years of bball (since it has been a few since she's picked up a ball) and remember how timid the girls were. Today she was in there and fighting for ball time! It is sort of like soccer in that it is REALLLLLY hard for a dad to sit quietly on the sidelines! Last night they spent quite a bit of time practicing hoop skills in the garage and today, it all came together beautifully!

Good work #9!

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The Trusty Blog said...

Doesn't Coach Dad know that most basketball skills are learned "outside" the garage? Also, he once told me in his infinite wisdom to "be a fan...not a fanatic!" Whatever...yell your guts out like I do!

Way to go Miss B!